About us


Perhaps you are already a bona fide member, or a long-time EW supporter, or merely a curious cybernaut looking for specific information about what we do and our approach to questions like the social management of water or integrated development or microcredit programs for the impoverished …Whatever the case may be, welcome to éducation.world’s website !

Our humanitarian NGO was created in Poitiers (France) back in early 2003.  Our purpose was and still is to create a network of international solidarity that will involve all sorts of concerned world citizens interested in helping make the world a better place…


Initially EW focused almost exclusively on educational issues, but this has morphed over time into a somewhat larger approach.  Children will not remain in school if they have to walk miles to  get drinking water, for example, and if families are so poor that they are forced to press their own  children into the paid labor market then of course they will.  So we have branched out into some infrastructure (rain-water harvesting units, bridges, pumps, fresh-water retention ponds…) and actively support many microcredit groups for economic empowerment.

Browse around our site and enjoy the many articles and photos and videos.  And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have further questions.

Who Are We ?

EW was founded back in early 2003 based on a simple idea – that all of us, wherever we were, could contribute to make the world a much better place. A much fairer place. A place where all of us on the planet could share in the fruits of the good life. So the founders drafted the necessary legal statutes, and underwent the necessary fiscal controls, and started off on a shoe-string budget – and the snowball has continued rolling ever since.

Our membership today is global : about a third of our members are from the Poitiers area,
another third from Western Europe (England, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia…) and the
remainder from the rest of the world (The US, Canada, India, Southeast Asia…)
They include students and retirees, teachers and social workers, members of the medical
professions, economists and postal workers, dancers and writers… The common thread
is the keen desire to participate in a network of international solidarity for mutual development and social justice.

Everyone is able to plug in and participate actively – depending on personal interests.
All members vote and help determine ongoing policy, but also can provide other kinds of input : help with a grant request or fundraising, help with a specific project, time on a foreign mission, or merely spending part of a weekend manning an information booth, or organizing a Christmas sale…While many of our members are highly competent professionals in their different fields, when they work for EW all are unpaid volunteers. We refuse to have any paid staff members and it is a great source of price that virtually 100% of all funds collected actually are redistributed to those who need it most, unlike many other NGOs which, while excellent, nonetheless spend the lion’s share of their budget on staff salaries, offices, general overhead, communication costs, etc…

In addition, we work with students and interns, as well as all sorts of local teams in the field.
EW has a designated “relay person” or team on site wherever it has a program, and this input is vital for determining ongoing priorities as well as for oversight to ensure that
all projects are successfully carried out. These people are of all faiths and all creeds and all colors – and we honor their participation as well.


The entire world is in the throes of yet another « crisis ». The gap between the rich and the poor has been widening for decades, but has now reached utterly intolerable levels. EW is thus trying now, harder than ever, to reconcile here and there, us and them, rich and poor. Rather than accept any “Clash of Civilizations”, it seems vital to create a veritable chain of solidarity amongst all those of good will – so as to exchange experiences, expectations and hopes – to make tomorrow a much better world. Solidarity is something that none of us can afford to put off any longer. To cite a Tamil proverb – if you intend to do good works, start by doing them today.

Creation of E-W in 2003

EW is a humanitarian NGO founded in 2003 under the aegis of the French 1901 law concerning all associative activities. We began with 3 founding members and a budget of 38 €, and the strong conviction that a better world must begin with a personal investment – in terms of time, energy, know-how, all in the service of the community – both here and abroad. Some 6 years later we have more than 50 active members, an annual budget of over 20 000 €, and numerous actions to be very proud of, both in France and abroad. We have received the recognition of Departmental School Council as a privileged partner, and have been awarded the status as an “NGO of general humanitarian interest” by the French government, so that donations made to EW may be deducted from French income tax (-66%). Our statutes are available upon request.
Although EW is relatively small, this has, in fact, several real advantages. It enables us to respond quickly to both requests and needs here and in the field, and it ensures that virtually all incoming funds are distributed abroad. We have no overhead, we’re all volunteers, so virtually 100% of what we are able to collect goes towards program aid.